Tips on Searching for Jobs

Quick Start

Searching job openings with Jora is very easy. At its most basic, you'll do three things:

  1. Enter a job title, company name, category or skill in the What? box (for example: 'Accountant', 'Java Developer', 'IBM', 'work from home';)
  2. Enter which city, province or locality you'd like to work in the Where? box ( for example: 'Manila', 'Davao', 'Quezon City')
  3. Click on the "Search Jobs" button. Jora will then start doing some heavy lifting to bring you the best jobs in town!

Find Jobs in Surrounding Areas

By default, Jora will try to find jobs in all areas within 10km from the location you've entered. You can change the radius by clicking on the 'Distance' drop down list located at the top left column of result pages.

Exact Phrase Search

To find jobs matching an exact phrase, put double quotes around your chosen words.

For example: "project manager"


All searches made on Jora are case insensitive. Therefore, PROJECT MANAGER, project manager or Project Manager all return the same results.

Advanced Job Search Tips

You can narrow down or broaden your search by using AND and NOT in your query.

For example, to search for Java jobs but NOT PHP jobs enter java NOT php in the What? box

If you are looking for jobs that involve both Java AND PHP programming skills type java AND php instead.

Find Jobs From a Company, Recruiter or Agency

You can search jobs from a particular company, recruiter or agency by entering the following query: company:(COMPANY NAME HERE).

For example, to find jobs from IBM you can type: company:(IBM) .

Filter and Sort Search Results

Normally, Jora can return thousands of jobs for a particular query. If that's a bit much, you can use the left hand side navigation to refine the search results.

Jora allows filtering by job titles, locations, job types, sources and categories.

Got any other questions? You should contact us, or visit our FAQ to learn more.